Workshops - 2020

Nielsen's Workshop “Market Research in Uncertain times"

24th, October   04:00 PM | 2 Hours

Nielsen's Workshop “Market Research in Uncertain times"

Better data, better decisions, better strategy. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. 

Market research lays out road maps for businesses. Market research has become a two-word success mantra for firms who have built incredible brands, created amazing new products, or conjured up and tapped markets where no other firms could venture.


In its last 95 years of existence, Nielsen has not only excelled in servicing brands with world-class research on consumer behavior and new product innovation but has also built cutting-edge data collection and processing tools and platforms. Often patented, these tools and data science solutions provide the competitive edge to Nielsen to lead the world of Market Research.


During this interaction at IIM, Ahmedabad, look forward to,


1.    Learn more about Nielsen

2.    Deep dive into Retail Measurement Services

3.    Consumer Behaviour through Shopperwalk

4.    NextGen: Smart Store

5.    Brief on Nielsen Watch, Sports, etc

Speaker Profile: Amitesh Tyagi

Amitesh is a seasoned Ops & Technology Leader who has spent more than 15 years of experience in building and deploying strategic digital solutions for market research and data analytics, thereby helping businesses to gain a significant return on their investment. 

He is currently working as Director, Technology Products at Nielsen.

He has been awarded Technology Innovator 2019 by Trescon, Big CIO 2018, Technology Innovator by MRSI 2018, CIO Next 100 2017 and Winner in Lufthansa Runway to Success 2015. 

Amitesh is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad.

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