Workshops - 2021

Master Pack 2021

7th, October   07:00 PM | to 10th, October
Platform: Zoom

Master Pack 2021

The greatest education in the world is watching the Masters at work.

We present to you the 'Master Pack' of workshops encompassing all the 16 workshops in one single mega pack. Come and learn about the realm of business and management through a huge selection of workshops conducted by industry leaders and take away learnings that will last you a lifetime!

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Workshops in the Master Pack -

1. How to kick start your investment journey? by Zerodha (08/10/2021)
2. Investments Valuation by Aswath Damodaran (07/10/2021)
3. Commercial Prospecting and Data Quality (09/10/2021)
4. Managing Supply Chain Disruptions amid Pandemic by Nestle (09/10/2021)
5. Digital Product Management and Platforms by Google (09/10/2021)
6. Product Management 101 by Amazon (10/10/2021)
7. Brand Management by Reckitt (09/10/2021)
8. Analytics in Supply Chain by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) (10/10/2021)
9. Emerging trends in Digital Marketing: Leveraging Tech & AI by iQuanti (10/10/2021)
10. Market Research in the New Normal: Impact and Rebound by Medly Pharma (Ex-Nielsen) (09/10/2021)
11. Data Analytics, Visualization and Storytelling by Havish M Consulting (10/10/2021)
12. Unraveling the Interview Experience by Confederation of Indian Industry, Indian Women Network
13. Data Marketplace by KoineArth (10/10/2021)
14. E2E Solutions in Agribusiness and Food Management by GThree Hospitality (Ex-McD, Ex-Reliance) (10/10/2021)
15. What it takes to be an Entrepreneur by 2IIM (08/10/2021)
16. Building Your Startup Ground Up & Mapping the Indian Investment Ecosystem by Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM A (10/10/2021)

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Rajat Shinde

1. Will we get a certificate for the Workshop? If yes, who will be issuing them?

Yes, a certificate will be awarded to all Workshop participants. It will be issued by the institute and contain the name of the organization conducting the Workshop. Participants registering for Workshop Packs will get a separate certificate indicating their participation in the Workshop Packs.

2. Will the Workshop timings overlap with each other?
No, the Workshop timings will not overlap with one another.

3. Who are the speakers for the session? Is TRBS going to mention it on the site?
The name of the speakers and all other details of individual workshops will be announced on the website at

4. Is the Workshop only for college students?
No, the Workshop is open to everyone. Working professionals can also attend the Workshop.

5. Can the Workshop participants attend other activities conducted during TRBS?
The Workshop participants can attend other activities conducted during TRBS provided that they do not clash with your Workshop timings.

6. Can I register for anyone else from my ID to participate in the Workshop?
It's not allowed to register for anyone else using your ID. Entry to the Workshop venue will only be admitted for the person to whom the ID belongs.

7. Will I get the session link right after the registration?
The session link will be sent to you 1-2 days before the actual day of the workshop.

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PS: Content, topic, time, duration, price, and the organizer of the workshop are subject to change in case of unforeseen issues.

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