Workshops - 2019

Mad Over Marketing's "The Mad Talk"

1st, October   03:00 PM | 2.5 Hours

Mad Over Marketing's "The Mad Talk"

Mad! Madder! Maddest!

Want to know how marketing can be entertaining as well as informative?

Put on your seat belts for Mad over Marketing’s “The MAD Talk” as it is going to be ruthless and sarcastic. Listen to their take on various aspects of Marketing. The Mad talk would revolve around the three critical pillars for marketers.

The talk would cover topics like minimal advertising, ambush marketing, brand wars, the evolution of advertising and lots more with a flavour of madness, humour and fun. Join us at TRBS.

·  3 key pillars for marketers 
(attention, perception & communication) - each section has contemporary illustrations, examples of marketers doing it well, and anecdotes on how things have evolved over time, etc.)

·  Minimal Advertising (what is the fuss around this latest trend)

·  Difficult but relevant products to advertise in today's society 
(eg. condoms - important to highlight utility as opposed to just erotic imagery, examples of the brand doing well / not doing well, etc.)

·  Ambush Marketing 
(what does it really mean, how far is it ethical, examples across different categories incl. cola, cars, print etc.)

·  Brand Wars in e-commerce
(importance in the contemporary context, what to expect if you join as a marketer, illustrations, etc.)

·  Brand personalities & wars on Social media, specifically Twitter (illustrations across categories, key implications for prospective brand managers, etc.)

·  Timeliness in Social Media 
(importance of quick responses to customers, other brands, contemporary events, trends with illustrations, etc.)

·  Evolution of advertising over the years
(Witty take on the phases over the years in India. Memes being used as marketing levers can be covered here)

·  Discussion on the depiction of feminism vs sexism through ads

·  Fun trivia eg. Things you don't want to see in Indian ads anymore, Words overused in Indian ads, etc.

·  The Mad Over Marketing Quiz - Open sequence of the round with the audience

Siddhant is the founder of Mad Over Marketing, which is young India's favourite media company, covering global advertising, latest brand campaigns, and marketing-related news. After completing his MBA from XLRI, Siddhant worked with Myntra, handling revenue and profitability for their Women's portfolio. In 2018, Siddhant was also listed in the Top 30 under 30 social media personalities in India.

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The Workshop will be for 2 and a half hours.


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