Workshops - 2019

Google's "Digital Marketing in India - New Frontiers"

2nd, October   11:30 AM | 2.5 Hours

Google's "Digital Marketing in India - New Frontiers"

Digital is coming alive in India and it's happening at an unprecedented pace. Our active internet user base of 450M is expected to hit 650M by 2020. Smartphone ownership has tripled in the last four years alone & data costs have plummeted by 90%. All this is causing a massive shift in consumer behaviour with more & more people coming online, this coupled with strong growth in both GDP and ad expenditure has made India the fastest-growing digital ad market in the world, with digital touted to be the largest marketing channel by 2023. Given the above, it's critical to understand digital marketing & its impact on advertising in the country. Keeping this in mind, we'll attempt to cover the following in the 2.5-hour workshop :  

a) Ads ecosystem in India & the role of digital  

b) Consumer behaviour insights from a Google lens 

c) Introduction to Google ads & programmatic 

d) Impact of ML / AI on ad platforms

e) Case studies across verticals & how to upskill on digital 

Speaker Profile: Abhinav Chetan

Abhinav has been at Google for 11 years and has worked across a variety of teams including operations, automation and product solutions. He led commercialization across search, web analytics & mobile UI/UX efforts for India in his previous role. He currently works as a product marketing manager enabling the Google ads suite for large advertisers & agencies in India. He’s earned digital marketing degrees from NIIT, Wharton, MIT and has been consulting & educating partners across verticals on digital marketing globally. Outside of work, he's a yoga instructor, an avid reader, a closet stand up comic and is passionate about digitizing charities in India.

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