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Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) “Analytics in Supply Chain"

25th, October   12:00 PM | 1.5 Hours

Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) “Analytics in Supply Chain"

With the growing trend of e-commerce and the rising number of industries in India, the supply chain has become a very important sector in the Indian industry. The conventional approach is getting obsolete and the ever-increasing demand is pushing us to adapt to the new age technologies to analyze and calculate the key metrics in supply chain management. IIM Ahmedabad in association with the Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) is bringing you a workshop on analytics in the supply chain. Come join this workshop and get to know the trends in supply chain management in Indian Industry and how analytics is the way forward for it. Participate to learn how analytics in the supply chain works to build your profile and become future-ready!

Speaker ProfileVenkatesh Seshadri

Venkatesh Seshadri is an APICS USA & CII Certified Supply Chain Professional. He has more than 26 years of Industry experience working in multiple industries, including FMCG, Manufacturing, Technology, Fast Fashion, Logistics Services. Venkatesh Seshadri has managed Supply Chain in various parts of the World including India/SAARC, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Oceania. He has delivered speeches in various prestigious institutions including the United Nations, Indian Space Research Organization, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur and also in fortune 500 companies. He currently heads Supply Chain consulting in CII’s Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain. He focuses on Supply Chain transformation and Talent management for Corporates. He has built up a compelling ecosystem consisting of 1000 plus Supply Chain Professionals from across the world, 15 Strategy level Professional from fortune 500 companies and 8 Start-ups. The objective is to ensure seamless transfer of knowledge related to Supply Chain and Technology. Diversity within this community provides “Art of thinking independently together.”

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