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Amul's "Unorthodox ways of Marketing"

30th, September   03:00 PM | 2.5 Hours

Amul's "Unorthodox ways of Marketing"

Unorthodox ways of marketing

The presentation includes Journey of Amul since the year 1946, The “Amul Model”, Functioning of Amul model and three-tier structure, the impact of Amul Model on milk production and milk availability in India and how the same is replicated through Operation Flood Programme in the other parts of the country. 

Philosophy of Amul, marketing strategies for advertisement and product launch under the brand name of Amul, supply chain, product innovation, the various training programme for all it’s stakeholders including 3.6 million milk producer members and distributors,  Challenges and opportunities in the dairy sector.

Speaker Profile: Dr. R S Sodhi, Managing Director, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., (GCMMF) (AMUL)

Shri Rupinder Singh Sodhi is the Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Ltd., (AMUL), which is India’s largest Food Products organization.

Mr. Sodhi’s transformational contribution to India’s White revolution over the last 34 years, spearheading socio-economic revolution, positively impacted the lives of 3.6 million farmer families in rural India.  He has a distinguished record of serving the dairy farmers of India for more than three decades through a series of technological, marketing and supply-chain innovations.

Shri Sodhi has headed the Marketing and Sales function of Amul for more than two decades and has spearheaded their highly innovative and widely acclaimed marketing campaigns such as (1) Promoting milk as ‘world’s original energy drink’ & (2) ‘Eat Milk’ campaign motivating Indian youth in include dairy products in every meal and (3) Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India. He has been instrumental in launching more than 50 new products during his tenure as Managing Director in the last six years. He has also spearheaded digital marketing and social media marketing innovations in the Indian dairy industry to ensure that the younger generation of India enhances the consumption of milk and dairy products.

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