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Placed in a situation where they have their backs against the walls, the Board of Directors, headed by their CEO and accompanied by the secretary must come up with an answer to their problems. It wouldn’t be that easy to find a way out of this crisis cause a misstep here or a misstep there and they will have the press bombarding them with serious questions and allegations. Only the best CEO, the best heads and the best secretary can find the ultimate solution to the conundrum.

The event has one online prelims and one on campus final round

Date : 30th, September
Time : 10:00 AM

Prelimms to take place from 25th August to 5th September

Each team will consist of 6 members. (3 Directors 1 Company Secretary, 1 CEO and 1 Media Person) 

Cross-college teams are not allowed. 

There is no limit to the number of teams from a college in the preliminary round. 

There is no registration fee for the event

Only under-graduate, post-graduate and MBA students eligible to participate. School students and  corporates are not allowed to participate. 

A person can register as part of only one team.

The organiser’s decision shall be final in all matters.

Teams are free to designate the domains for their respective directors. However, independent/nominal directors are not allowed.

The sequence and respective time limit for the final round is as follows:

1. Discussion: 60 minutes

2. Board Meeting: 20 minutes

3. CEO’s statement to the press: 2 minutes

4. CEO’s interaction with the press: 15 minutes

Participants shall be penalised for crossing any of the time limits mentioned above.

Prizes worth 40k

Round 1: Preliminary Round (Online)

A case study will be mailed to the participants. They are required to submit a one pager solution and a one pager press release. Expected length of case study: 6 to 10 pages

Format of Submission: 

a. One pager: Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.15 pts,                   Margins: Normal 

b. Press Release: Template shall be given to the participants


Release of the Case: Aug 25

Submission Deadline: Sept 5

Round 2: Final Round (On Campus)

Team Size: 6 members including 3 directors, 1 company secretary, 1 CEO and 1 media personnel. Their roles would be as follows

The Directors: A CXO level problem shall be presented before the directors. They will have 60 minutes to think of a solution to be presented before the CEO.  Use of PPT is mandatory. The directors cannot contact any other person while they brainstorm on the solution. A press release is to be submitted by the directors within 5 minutes of the end the of the board meeting.

The Company Secretary: The company secretary is required to note down the minutes of the meeting. He will also be a part of the directors' discussion. All legal and formal communications (submitting minutes of meeting to judges, press release to media panel, stating members of the meeting, its purpose etc.) will be done by the Company Secretary.

The CEO: While the directors think of a solution, the CEO will be present in the boardroom with no access to any person of his team. He will be given the problem 10 minutes before the meeting starts. The CEO is required to drive the entire discussion and bring the board to a consensus. Post this, the CEO will address the press and answer their queries.

Media person: The media person shall be part of the press which shall consist of media personals of all the teams in the final round. The press would be posing questions to the CEOs. The media person would be disassociated with the team he registered with throughout the final rounds and must work like a separate entity. However, he would not be allowed to ask questions to his team. The way he contributes to the team is by posing quality questions to the other teams. The basis for asking questions to the CEO shall be the press statement issued by the company and the case study. However, relevant allegations can be raised by the media person.

Name: Gourav Rathi

Email id: p19gourav@