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Parivartan is the flagship event of the Social and Arts Conclave at The Red Brick Summit, IIM Ahmedabad’s annual management festival. The event seeks to empower participants to become leaders and change-makers paving the way for ‘Parivartan’ of India’s social sector. Participating teams will get the opportunity to apply their lateral thinking skills to identify developmental issues at the bottom of the pyramid, develop ideas and implement strategies to address these issues. Finalists will get the chance to work with issues of live communities and partner NGOs, ultimately helping them in their endeavor to address the critical Social Entrepreneurship challenges

Round-2 Online Case Competition

Date : 1st, September
Time : 09:00 AM

  • Each team consists of 3-4 members.
  • Cross-college teams are allowed.
  • No limit on the number of participants from each college.
  • No limit on the number of events one can participate in.
  • No registration fees.
  • Eligibility: Only under-graduate, post-graduate and MBA students eligible to participate. School students and corporates are not allowed to participate.
  • A person can register as part of only one team for one event. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of the entire team.
  • Those who shall be going abroad on student exchange programs can participate so long as there is at least one non-exchange member in the team.
  • The organizer’s decision shall be final in all matters.

Total prizes worth Rs. 50,000 
Winner: Prizes worth Rs 30,000 
Runners-up: Prizes worth Rs 20,000

 E-certificates to all participants

The event follows a 3-round format-with two online rounds and one on campus round. The initial two rounds will be eliminators and the final round would be an on-campus round amongst the finalists. 


Round 1: Online Quiz

The participants would be tested on their knowledge and skill level in the following- The Social sector of India, Movements of Social Reform and Development in the country and the world, Social Impact campaigns across the country and the world, Important NGOs around the world and their work, Grass-root level projects from GOI, Personalities involved in Social work across the world, Analytical Skills and ability to draw insights from short cases. This round is an eliminator and selected participants would move to the next round.

This round is an eliminator and selected participants would move to the next round.

Time :-20 AUGUST 19, 22:00 IST - 20 AUGUST 19, 22:20 IST

Round 2: Online Case Competition

This round tests the ability of the participants in the analysis and interpretation of a case on a problem on social development. The details of the case will be announced later to selected participants.

This round is also an eliminator and selected participants would compete in the finals at The Red Brick Summit, IIM Ahmedabad.

TIME : 1st SEPTEMBER 09.00.00 IST to 4th SEPTEMBER 23:59:59 IST

On campus round 

Day 1

The participants would be given a case on a problem faced by a live community. The teams would be required to develop a problem statement and come up with a sustainable solution for the same, including its implementation plan.

Day 2

The teams would be required to make presentations before the judges comprising a panel of representatives from the partner organisations, and professors of IIM A.

Time :-29 SEPTEMBER, 00:00 IST - 2 OCTOBER, 23:59 IST

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