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Masterplan is the annual business plan competition hosted by IIM Ahmedabad. Masterplan seeks to identify budding entrepreneurs to contribute to India's buzzing economy. Entre Club, IIM Ahmedabad, which is aimed at promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in IIMA in collaboration with The Centre for Innovation Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), host the competition. The final pitching round takes place during The Red Brick Summit, IIM-A's annual international business summit.

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Date : 29th, September
Time : NA

First Round Shortlists have been declared. Shortlisted teams have been intimated separately

Eligibility Criteria

Team Composition

1.     The event is open for teams comprising of students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs as well as other independent individuals (employed or self-employed)

2.     A team can have a minimum of one and a maximum of five members.

3.     All the members may or may not be from the same organization.

4.     One participant cannot be part of more than one team.

5.     No change in the team structure is permitted after the team is registered. 


The competition has been divided into two tracks: Start-Up Central and Idea Central. Teams have to register themselves under ONLY ONE of the above tracks as per the eligibility criteria mentioned below:


a.     Idea Central: Have a business idea but not sure if you should pursue it? Sign up for Idea Central.
Teams registering for Idea Central should be in the ideation or prototyping stage. Note: All registered startups will need to participate in Startup Central. Idea Central is for only unregistered teams. (More details given below)

b.     Start-Up Central: Want to pitch your startup to a panel of VCs? Sign up for Startup Central.
All registered startups are eligible to participate in Startup Central given that they meet the following criteria:
(A) Incorporated on or after April 1, 2016.
(B) Have not raised Seed capital or Series A funding.
You are encourage to register using your Startup Name - this will enable us to promote your startup in our marketing material at later stages.

Note: Startups found to have registered in Idea Central will be eliminated


Winner (Startup Central)

Winner (Idea Central)

INR 100,000

INR 50,000

1st Runner Up (Idea Central)

INR 30,000


The One Crore Challenge

The One Crore Challenge is a pitching event where Masterplan provides a platform to the teams selected for the Grand Finale to pitch their product/service or idea to a panel of venture capitalists from Matrix Partners India and the Centre for Innovation Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE).

Matrix Partners India and CIIE may decide to invest in the business, based on further rounds of negotiations and due diligence.

Please note that the One Crore Challenge that has been mentioned in the mails/website is an illustrative number representing the amount of funding that Matrix Partners India and/or CIIE may agree to invest in the businesses that will be presented in the final round. The One Crore Challenge is not related to the cash prizes that will be presented to the winners.

The final amount that may be invested into any business based on presentations made at the grand finale of Masterplan 2019 may be more or less than INR 1 crore.

Masterplan, TRBS will provide the platform for interaction between the potential investors and entrepreneurs looking to fund their start-ups. It does not bear any responsibility regarding the final fruition of commitments of funding made during Masterplan 2019 or during any subsequent interactions between the business and the venture capitalists on the panels.

Masterplan reserves the right to highlight any deals made between the Venture Capitalists on the panel and the businesses for marketing and promotional purposes in the future.

Round 1: Submission of Executive Summary

  • Registered teams will compete against each other in a display of creativity and clarity of thought. In this round, participants are tasked with explaining the idea in an Executive Summary answering the questions to
    • What is the existing gap or problem that you are solving?
    • What is your solution/idea/product?
    • What is your revenue model?
  • The submission should be a one-pager, Font –Times New Roman, Size – 11, Line spacing – 1 with Normal Margins (2.54 cm by 2.54 cm).
  • Only .pdf file formats will be accepted for the executive summary submission.
  • Please name your file in the following format:

According to the track of registration please add SC or IC for startup cell and Idea cell respectively. Track_Team Name_Team Leader’s Name_R1.pdf.  For example, a startup with Team Name XYZ and Team Leader Name ABC the your one pager should be named as SC_XYZ_ABC.pdf

  • Please submit the Round 1 Submissions by logging into the Masterplan Portal using your email ID and phone number by 22 August 2019.
  • Entries reaching us after the deadline will not be entertained for evaluation under any circumstances.

Round 2: Submission of the Business 

Guidelines for the format of the Business Plan: The Business Plan must include (but not limited to) the following:


  • Cover Sheet (Company Name, College/Organisation/Company. Presenting Team Members, Team Leader contact info)
  • Value Proposition
  • Product or service description (including current status of development- beta, prototype, etc.)
  • Customer/Market analysis (market size and potential market share)
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy (how you will go-to-market), Intellectual Property status (e.g., patents, licenses, etc.)
  • Competitor Analysis (competitors and your competitive differentiation)
  • Management team and/or advisors, including relevant experience
  • Financial highlights (cash flow, income statement, balance sheet)
  • Offering of the company (how much investment you are seeking, uses of funding, possible exits.

    For the comprehensive B-plan submission, teams may choose to diverge (add or subtract sections) from the prescribed format if deemed necessary. 

  • Deadline for submission: 1st September 2019 (11:59:59 PM)
  • Only .pdf and .ppt/.pptx file formats will be accepted.
  •  The submission should not be more than 6 pages OR 8 slides (excluding title slide) 
    Font –Times New Roman, Size – 11, Line spacing – 1 with Normal Margins (2.54 cm by 2.54 cm).
  • Please name your file in the following format:
    Idea Central - ‘IC_Team Name_Team Leader’s Name.pdf/.ppt’
    Startup Central - ‘SC_Team Name_Team Leader’s Name.pdf/.ppt’

Round 3: Due diligence by Matrix Partners

The final Business Models of selected teams from Round 2 will be forwarded to Matrix Partners.

Due diligence will be done by Matrix Partners, so selected teams can expect calls from Matrix Partners regarding their Masterplan submission.

Teams will be assigned mentors from CIIE and Matrix Partners and mentoring will take place via email, video conferencing and telephone calls.

 Round 4: Pitching Round

Selected participants from the previous round will be invited to IIM-Ahmedabad campus during The Red Brick Summit 2019 (International Business Summit of IIM-A) to be held between 29th September and 2th October, 2019.

All the teams making it to the campus finals will get opportunities to pitch to VCs from Matrix Partners; which may lead to further mentoring opportunities for all finalist ventures, and eventually leading to probable fund-raising or equity infusion.

Corporate High-Tea and Networking session after the event

Teams have to make their own travel arrangements. Masterplan Team will arrange for accommodation for two days – the day before and the day of the pitching round.

Shreshth Virmani   

Email :

Phone No.  : 7404185145