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Beat the Street

The promise of knowledge and a rewarding career is why a lot of us aspire to join some of the best institutes in the country. But what happens after we get our dream jobs and the salaries we target?


We work so hard for money; Why not also make money work for us? This is what investing is about - but have you really tried it? You probably are learning, or already have learned, the theory - now experience the practical side of investing, at no personal cost!


The Red Brick Summit in collaboration with Beta, the Finance and Investments club of IIM A, is proud to present Beat the Street, powered by smallcase! Use your favourite valuation techniques & fundamental/technical analysis to create & manage a virtual portfolio of stocks for 1 month! Come up with a detailed investment proposal that presents your strategy and ideas, and explains why others should invest in them.


Over the course of the competition, you will not only create/manage your own virtual portfolio, you will also experience the real-world impact of economic news, market updates, and political decisions. Above all, you will discover the kind of investor you are, especially in the face of unexpected events. So come & become a Portfolio Manager, create your own smallcase, and see if you can Beat the Street.

Trading Round – Aug 26- Sep 20

Date : 2nd, October
Time : 12:00 AM

On campus round – Shortlisted teams would be informed over email

i. Team Size: 1 – 3

ii. Cross college teams are not allowed

iii. No limit on the number of teams from a college

iv. No registration fees

v. No limit on the number of events one can participate in

vi. One person can be a part of only one team for one event

vii. Eligibility: All undergraduate and MBA (1st and 2nd Year) students

Total Prizes worth:              INR 6,00,000

First Place:                         INR 2,50,000

Runners Up:                       INR 1,50,000

2nd Runners Up:                  INR 1,00,000

All other finalists to receive cash prizes as well. 

    • ·       The event will run over 2 rounds.

      ·       The first round will run over 18 trading days (August 26 – September 20) on smallcase’s online portfolio creation and management platform

      o   Participants will have to create their smallcase of 2-20 stocks, as well as provide an investment rationale

      ·       Teams will be shortlisted before the final rounds mainly on the basis of risk adjusted returns and investment rationale, along with smaller components for number of portfolio rebalances and social media engagement 

      o   Further details on the exact evaluation criteria will be sent to all participating teams

      o   All registered teams will also get to attend a webinar conducted by our partners at smallcase, giving the teams an opportunity to learn more about investing, the markets, and expectations during this competition. The webinar is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, 25th August.

      ·       Final round (Date & Time: TBD, between 29th Sept and 2nd Oct): Top 8-10 teams selected out of the shortlist, for Campus presentation round to a panel during The Red Brick Summit

      o   Finalist teams to present on their investment strategy, rationale, theme, and stocks picked

Name- Rohan Bukte

Email ID-

Phone- 9552607396